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Mitch Hedberg

Postby CommentBot » Fri Apr 1, 05 12:17am

<a href="/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=43&Itemid=2">Link back to the article</a>.<br /> <font size=1>(Note: This is original version of article. It may have been edited. Click on link above for most recent version.)</font>If you haven't heard, Mitch Hedberg passed away yesterday.&nbsp; He was a really good stand-up comic, kind of in the mold of Steven Wright, with bizzarre one-liners.&nbsp; You can read a few <a target="_self" href="">Mitch Hedberg quotes</a> for yourself and see what I mean.<br />
<br />
It pretty much sucks because he really made me laugh.&nbsp; However, the good news is that since he's dead, I can steal his act.<br />

Apparently, I need to put text after the jump to make the comments
thing show up.&nbsp; I really need to fix this, especially since all
these people keep bugging me about it.
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Postby dd » Fri Apr 1, 05 8:50am

I read this story last night on scroll down to the 2nd story.

I very much wanted it to be an April Fools joke. I still hope it is. The worst part is I haven't found the story anywhere online that I would consider a credible source.

There is Comedy Central's site. Mitch Hedberg Bio

Nevermind I just found it on USA Today online.

according to them it was in a hotel in Livingston, NJ. It doesn't make sense to me because I thought he was on tour with Stephen Lynch and according to that tour they were in Potsdamn, NY that night.

This sucks. Teri Schiavo. Mitch Hedberg. My money is on the Pope next.

My favorite Mitch Hedberg quote:
"I think Pringles' initial intention was to make tennis balls. But on the day that the rubber was supposed to show up, a big truckload of potatoes arrived. But Pringles is a laid-back company. They said "Fuck it. Cut 'em up."
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Postby bitsy » Fri Apr 1, 05 9:59am

i was reading dd's post and her signature about tina fey saying bush is a failure.....well here's more proof of that.

REALLY long link that Allison should have given a shorter title to.

granted it really had to do more with the intelligence (that's a very bad intelligence) - but bush is still an idiot, which is a much larger problem only becuase he actively chooses to surround himself with more idiots.
terrorists hate our freedom.
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