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Last Comic Standing

Postby Blog » Wed Aug 11, 04 4:54am

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<p>I know, I promised myself that I'd stop watching after the first few episodes clearly revealed the show to be nothing more than a sham. However, when you have a girlfriend who knows how to operate the TiVo, you don't have as much control over you viewing habits as you thought you would when you got to be an adult. </p>

<p>Having watched the final episode, Amber and I am torn between John Heffron and Gary Gulman as the winner. I'd have to say that as funny as Heffron was, Gary's material was fresher and more innovative than the standard relationship material of Heffron. That probably means that Heffron will win.</p>

<p>Also, Alonzo Bodden managed to surprise me once again. In each of the last competitions, I expected nothing, and he blew me away. Tonight, I expected much and he pulled up lame. Why, Alonzo, why?</p>

<p>P.S. If you just feel the need to get angry about something, read <a href="">this story</a>. I was left completely without words. Did you just steal everything I own right in front of me? After telling me you would do it? I think murder is an acceptable response on behalf of this couple. I wouldn't convict them.</p>
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Postby Guest » Wed Aug 11, 04 9:37am

I couldn't even get halfway through the article....the writing was aweful!


Postby Guest » Sat Aug 14, 04 1:32pm

but gary's set on fig newtons was strikingly similar to brian regan's bit on cranberries. it was funny but i had heard it before. and did you see heffron on leno? every question leno asked just promped heffron to do another one of his bits that we had all just seen on tuesday or thursday night. i was very disappointed that we couldn't see if he is naturally funny or only funny when rehersed.


Postby Chris » Sat Aug 14, 04 4:54pm

I guess I just like Gary's delivery. It's fairly similar to mine.

Emily -- You have to remember that it was written for the Fayetteville Observer, so I don't think they're getting top of the line writers for the Business section.
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