Just how much am I worth?

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Just how much am I worth?

Postby Blog » Fri Aug 27, 04 8:04am

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<p>I have been listening to cassettes of shows Tracy and I have done recently to throw together a best-of show for Labor Day. In the listening back, I have discovered three things.</p>

<p>1 - I hate my voice.</p>

<p>2 - My laugh is awful, pathetic, and makes me want to vomit.</p>

<p>3 - If you record on one cassette about a hundred times, the sound quality is putrid.</p>

<p>Some of the stuff we've done has been mildly amusing, but unfortunately due to the great audio quality, it sounds like we're broadcasting from a lo-fidelity time warp. </p>

<p>How can this problem be fixed? Easily! Buy more audio-cassettes and don't reuse them. My previous employer has cassette copies of almost every show he's done in the past fifteen years. So, I asked the fine corporation of Cumulus to purchase a box of a hundred cassettes for us. A seemingly standard request, with a cost of around $50 to $75. </p>

<p>That was around a month ago. Since then I have found out that the station requires DJs to buy their own cassettes for airchecks - which is lame, but not awful as they don't need to keep more than a few days at a time. However, since we only currently have the four that Tracy found lying around the station, we currently have no ability to keep anything we do for longer than a week. When you factor in the lack of studio time that is often a problem (leaving us to record over things we wanted to keep), you can see why I might get frustrated.</p>

<p>So, the conclusion? Our show is worth less than $100 more to the station. I guess that means I got almost every last penny out of them during contract talks... but if that's the case, there ain't many pennies lying around.</p>
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