Jon Stewart on Crossfire

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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Postby Brendan » Sun Oct 17, 04 3:44pm

It gets uncomfortable at times, b/c Stewart openly calls Begala and Carlson partisan hacks and that there show is hurting America, but damn is it worth it.

plus, this exchange made me crack up (transcribed from memory):
Stewart: How old are you?
Carlson: 35
Stewart: And you wear a bowtie?

I don't think he'll be on that show ever again. I just wish he was there with Novak, or at least said something about Novak. Regardless, enjoy.
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Postby Chris » Mon Oct 18, 04 12:04am

Unbelieveable! I just saw this on a BBI discussion, and I was so psyched to post it here, but you beat me to it. Bastard!

What a great appearance. I can't believe how feisty he was, but based on the clip, I'm guessing he made up his mind to burn that bridge a long time ago, long before the cameras came on.

It's not like what he was saying was wrong, either, which left the two of them with little recourse. I think that's why Begala came off better, because he just sat there and took his lumps.

The only weakness Stewart has, and it's barely noticable because humor is spectactular at deflecting verbal attacks, is that he did, in fact, not really press Kerry when he was on the show. Stewart brushes it off by saying that he's on Comedy Central, and he's not responsible for real news, but that's not true. By slowly over the last five or so years building a more politically relevant show, especially one that has a voice as clear as the one he has made for it, it has acquired respect, as seen by the many articles and shows fawning over him and the fact that Crossfire invited him on. When you build something like what he has built, it comes with responsibility.

This is not to say he has not upheld it well, he has. In fact, I cannot think of anyone who has done more to fight for the truth in the media (with the possible exception of Charlie Rose, where it isn't nearly the crusade it is with Stewart, instead just what Rose finds interesting), but still, he uses the "I'm on Comedy Central after fighting robots or crank calling puppets" way too often for someone who has made his show what it is.

That being said, I have The Daily Show on a Season Pass and have missed less than three in the past two years. I love it and wish I was working there.
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