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Jessica Lynch

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:42am

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<p>I usually don't put up two posts in an evening, allowing them to properly breathe. However, I forgot about this earlier and it needs it's own time.<br />
Have you seen the promos for the putrid piece of filth that is the "Jessica Lynch Story"?</p>

<p>NBC figures, let's quickly set up a pointless and more importantly <i>factless</i> movie, fill it with jingoistic nonsense, and foist it on a public that we have so successfully made mindless over the past fifty years that they will eat it up with a spoon.</p>

<p>The worst part is that she didn't even need to be rescued!!!</p>

<p>As USA Today reports, <a href="">she was being taken care of in an Iraqi hospital</a> by people she got along with. They had tried to return her to the military, but their ambulance was shot at. When the commandos stormed the hospital, they were offerred a master key so that they would not have to break down all the doors, destroying facilities that are desperately needed in the rundown country.</p>

<p>They refused the key.</p>

<p>Add this to the fact she now suffers from "amnesia" (a chrage her father denies!), so she conveniently cannot deny the story that she was held captive and heroically rescued.<br />
<br />
Want some more? How about the reason she was injured was not her barbaric captors, but rather a Humvee accident. You can read more about her heroism at <a href="">United Justice</a>. Now, i take no responsibility for this site as I just found it tonight, but the links are interesting.</p>

<p>One last good one. The black female soldier captured at the same time as Jessica and released 11 days later is <a href="">fighting to get medical disability from the Army</a>. While Jessica got a full 80%, Shoshana Johnson can't get more than 30% for her injuries - and she has no book deal. The were captured because of the same mistake, but obviously, Jessica needs more money to heal the wounds.<br />
<br />
P.S. Recently, Jessica was unable to meet with the Iraqi who helped save her, <a href=""> because she was too busy preparing for her book's release.</a> She will split a million dollar advance with the ghostwriter.</p>

<p>I hate the media.</p>
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