IT WORKS!!!! (I think)

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IT WORKS!!!! (I think)

Postby CommentBot » Thu Jan 27, 05 12:29am

<p><a href="/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=41">Link back to the article</a>.<br /> <font size=1>(Note: This is original version of article. It may have been edited. Click on link above for most recent version.)</font></p>Unbelievably, it looks like I have got this comments thing to work almost perfectly now. It rocks so hard.

What does this mean? It means I can now focus on design and porting over the audio, image gallery and blog sections. Basically, become a real site again.

Except this time, I'm not going to be the only person publishing stuff. I will be joined by at least one other writer/submitter and possibly more.

Also, when this thing is done, I have a few Gmail invites to give away.

But first things, first. Making the site look cooler.
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Postby Deirdre » Fri Jan 28, 05 1:17am

did the login's we sreated from the old site transfer over? Because I posted a lot of crap to get 2 Blain heads colored in and ill be damned if I gott start from scratch. That and i heart my old login in name.

PS Does it get more Jersey than this? ... 846070.xml

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Postby Chris » Sun Jan 30, 05 3:21am

Yes, all post counts and the Blain heads come over. (The Blain heads will take another few days, but you'll get full credit.)

You're going to have to login again. You'll find the login on the left. Remember to click the Remember Me box.

Good question, though. If you have any more about usability, keep them coming. I'm only about 30% done with this fanciness, but I do need to know what is broken.

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