It's Fall and All Is Good

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It's Fall and All Is Good

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:40am

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<p>Well, it is now officially fall, the best season of the year. The air gets a little crisper - when it's cool enough to be comfortable, but warm enough not to freeze your nostrils when you inhale. Football is there, comforting me every Sunday - taking me on a roller coaster ride of emotions (being a Giants fan helps). Television shakes off its summer doldrums and shows begin to move us again. (<i>Gilmore Girls</i> was tonight. <i>West Wing</i> is tomorrow.)</p><p>All of this, however, cannot change the fact that I am currently working my ass off. Getting up at 4AM and returning from work at 4PM is a rough day. As a result, my hobbies (i.e. this website) suffer. For those of you who do me the honor of checking it out sporadically, I do you a great disservice - for which I am sorry. However, as you may have noticed from my previous post, I've cleaned up the home page and will soon clean up the entire site.</p><p><a href="">As you can see</a> I've been doing a little work. Most of it is behind the scenes, so that my page is standards compliant. It's not there yet, but will be soon. I have removed all tables and am trying to soley use XHTML and CSS for structure and presentation.</p><p>What does this mean to you? Not much. But as it goes forward, I will be adding external news feeds to the site, jazzing it up more, and writing it so it can be viewed in cell phones, PDAs, etc. This will shortly serve as a kind of online resume of my web design abilities. Are they good? Not yet. Will they be? I hope so.</p><p>P.S. <i>The Amazing Race</i> picked up an Emmy for Best Reality Series. That's right. The show to which no one pays attention, but i love was officially recognized by a bunch of idiots. Good times.</p><p>P.P.S. I'm not quite sure what to make of <i>Carnivale</i> (HBO) yet. Anybody else have any thoughts?</p>
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