Irish Day

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Irish Day

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:42am

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<p>Apparently, it's high Irish Times here. Two Deirdres and two Chris Boylans.</p>

<p>If you check out the comments from the previous post, you'll see that "Big" Deirdre stopped by and left a message. It is somehwat uncommon to have the name Deirdre. (With the "R". I believe, the other spelling, Deidre, is more common.) I think it is downright rare to have two Deirdres on the same street, necessitating that the older one be reffered to as "Big". </p>

<p>Add to that, I got an email from a third Chris Boylan. You may remember the <a href="">first email</a> from earlier. I'll post it and hopefully the reply tomorrow. To keep up with the whole Irish thing, he is from Ireland. Apparently there are not many Boylans over there, so he got extremely excited.</p>
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