In SF, meeting the family (extended)

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In SF, meeting the family (extended)

Postby Blog » Fri May 7, 04 12:28am

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<p>I'm about an hour away from meeting my cousins, Conroy and Mike for the first time in two years, (closer to four for Mike). SF has been much cooler temperature-wise than So Cal. It's always temperate here which agrees with me but may be a little too cold for Amber, who despite being born in Michigan, is completely unable to generate her own body heat. </p>

<p>Saw Alcatraz and most of SF, including the too awesome for words "Tonga Room" in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel. It is a Polynesian themed bar, with thatch umbrellas over the tables, tropical drinks -- and oh yes -- an indoor pool that gets filled by the "thunderstorm" that strikes every fifteen minutes. What, you say?</p>

<p>Yes, they have set up an indoor rain, accompanied by cheesy thunder and flashing lights for lightning. Too awful for words, the place is spectactular. Pictures later.</p>

<p>Speaking of, Coachella pix are up, with no captions or titles. I have to run.</p>
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Postby rjsmerigan » Sat May 8, 04 11:27am

that same cheesy thunderstorm happens in the produce section at my grocery store. thunder clap, flashing lights simulating lightning, water on, wash the broccoli.
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Great pix!!!

Postby Guest » Sun May 9, 04 1:21pm

That platform was choice for getting all the best shots of the Pixies, Flaming Lips, Radiohead and the Cure. Best of all - your shot of Coachella Guy. I think I've told that story about eight times now; classic.

We'll see you sometime this week!

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