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Postby dd » Sun Oct 17, 04 11:31pm


I just don't even know where to begin. Home run by Parker & Stone.

Box office Estimates put it at # 3 for the weekend behind Shark Tale & Friday Night Lights http://movies.yahoo.com/boxoffice/latest/rank.html

Even at # 3 it has already taken in almost half of what it cost to make the film.

I know Chris and I already talked about most of this, but in case anyone wanted to jump in on the conversation....

1) "America! FUCK YEAH!" could be the greatest song ever behind Kim Jong Il's rendidtion of "I'm so ronrey"

2) When the new puppet (the actor) was driving across country on a motorcycle and nothing was to scale. HILARIOUS. The song "I miss you almost as much as Michael Bay missed the mark on Pearl Harbor"

3) You're brakin' my balls Hans Brix.

4) You're a dick, he's an ass and we're pussies. You actually had to follow along to find out that it did make sense.

5) The first scene when Team America is fighting the terrorists in Paris and they fight Karate Kid style, hilarious because it looked like they were just dancing around together, then all of a sudden one of them wins.

6) The sex scene. What the hell was taken out? That was pretty graphic.

I can't wait for the DVD. Commentary, deleted scenes, and the soundtrack. America, FUCK YEAH!

On a scale of 1-10, i give it an "awesome"
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Postby Chris » Mon Oct 18, 04 12:22am

Damn you, DD. Just as I was done replying to Brendan about the Jon Stewart thing, I started a blog post about Team America, but for naught.

I heartily agree that this is a must see. I may see it twice it was so funny.

The Kim Jong Il "I'm so ronery!" plus the anti-Pearl Harbor song were great. I was a bit disappointed that they re-used the montage song from the skiing episode of South Park, but the idea is hysterically funny, so I forgive them trying to bring it to a larger audience.

The Pearl Harbor song reminded me of the one they threw at the end of South Park the Movie "Through the Eyes of a Child". It seemed innoucous, but the lyrics were great. From that song:

Life is kind of gay,
But it doesn't seem that way,
Through the eyes of child


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There is too much to write about from the movie. Like Spotswood's chair that keeps moving. Or how they would let you get caught up in the movie and forget that they're marionettes, but then have them ridiculously dance/shuffle out of a scene with no attempt to look natural, so you remember that they're wood.

Not good, but Great Times!

P.S. I just wish Kim Jong Il had a chance to talk to "J-Ro". I love saying that.
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