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I'm Sick

Postby Blog » Wed Dec 8, 04 1:38am

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<p>While I am that kind of sick, I am also of ill health these past five days. I've been coughing, sneezing, post-nasal dripping, and fighting off the demon fever. While this has left me with quite a lot of free time, it has also unfortunately left me with little willpower to accomplish anything with it. </p>

<p>My wonderful IRiver has only a few hundred MP3s on it, and my entire CD collection remains unconverted and uncompressed. </p>

<p>On the plus side, I have woken up from quite a few naps drenched in sweat. </p>

<p>In other news, the health insurance I receive from my employer is almost worthless. It took four prescriptions from the nurse-practitioner (yes, I can't afford to go to a real doctor) before I was able to get a prescription that would cost under $60. My health insurance is the kind that's fine as long as you don't try to use it. </p>

<p>As a result, instead of getting my medicine Sunday, I got it late today after many calls and two doctors visits. This has resulted in me missing two days of work. But on the plus side, Cumulus saved a few bucks by getting a cheaper health plan. Now, one could argue that the lost productivity is greater than the health care savings and they actually lost money, but productivity does not appear on a budget line... so no one gets a bonus for that. Thus, $60 for Allegra. Good times.</p>
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Postby Guest » Wed Dec 8, 04 12:10pm

shitty health care sucks. everything should be free. i have blue cross/blue sheild and the copay on my allegra is still $40! plus i take singulair, which has a copay of another $40! that's $80 a month so i don't sneeze to death. it's crazy. i feel your pain man. you need to find a "friend" who is a doctor and can prescribe you things so you don't have to go to a dr. office. that would be key.


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