I'm off to Delaware

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I'm off to Delaware

Postby Blog » Fri Nov 19, 04 1:28pm

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<p>I'm leaving at 6 to U of Del. to hang out for the weekend with my family as we all attend the Villanova/U Del. game on Saturday. Ill be back late Sat. / early Sun. Watch the Amazing Race on Sat at 8 on CBS.</p>
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Postby Guest » Wed Dec 1, 04 10:45am

Are you any relation to the Boylan's in the Michigan-Ohio area?
Tom Boylan

Postby Chris » Thu Dec 2, 04 8:37pm

Well, Mr. Tom Boylan --

Probably not. My grandfather's name as Tom Boylan, but until my dad's generation, I believe they were either in the New York City area (Yonkers) or Ireland.

I have an uncle (with aunt by marriage and cousins) who lives in Indiana, I believe near Gary.

I also have uncles in Hawaii and California. My Dad and Grandmother live in New Jersey.
I'm the Chris Boylan who runs Chris Boylan dot com. So there.
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