I'm getting close

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I'm getting close

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:40am

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<p>I've gotten pretty damn close to finishing the script that will put excerpts of my blog on the frontpage - which is the first step of my redesign. (I originally had it backwards. I was going to pretty it up, and then work on content. After some thinking, I realized if I don't get more content up, the novelty of the pretty design will wear off quickly. As it stands, the only page worth checking out on my site is the blog. I want to change that.) If you want to check out where I am - <a href="http://www.chrisboylan.com/index.php">Click Here</a>.</p><p>As for the bitterness of the Giants loss, the more I think about it - considering the Giants started three rookies on the line and still almost beat a Bill Parcells coached team really isn't that bad. Every season you lose two you shouldn't and win two you shouldn't. If this is one of the former, then I think it's going to be okay. If you want to read a really good article on football, Parcells, the Giants and that game - check out <a href="http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2003/writers/dr_z/09/17/insider/index.html">this latest column</a> by my favorite football writer Dr. Z. Reading it made me wish I would write like that. No great overbearing point, just a nice conversational flow. Well, at least I got the first part down.</p>
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