I Know... Two in a Row?

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I Know... Two in a Row?

Postby Blog » Thu Aug 19, 04 12:00am

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<p>As if I needed another reminder that corporate America really doesn't have my best interests in mind (besides the whole you get no health insurance until you've worked here for three months, and the whole "Are you really leaving for the day after only having been here for eight hours? Your workday only started at 5AM, plus you only have to work for five hours every OTHER weekend! I mean, we're paying you almost 2/3rds of the average state wage!"), Hurricane Charley came through the other day. No real damage, but it dumped an unbelievable amount of water on the area Sunday.</p>

<p>Well, no real damage until I opened Tracy's (my fellow morning show host) office. She was out on vacation, so no one noticed that the roof was leaking into her office. The water pooled on the carpet over the weekend, then turned to mold and mildew Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday afternoon, the entire building smelled so bad that it was impossible to work in there. Imagine running a marathon while it rains. And it's 90 degrees out. Now take you socks off and put them in a cool, dark place for a few days, preferrably crumpled up. Now, have those socks surgically implanted into the lining of your nose. That's about what it smells like before you enter the building.</p>

<p>Now, Tracy is expected to work in that office, which I expect at the bare minimum is a health-hazard, but also is quite the insult. Why an insult? Because the response to the mess was to open her office door and put a box fan near it. The carpet is ruined and probably carries the bubonic plague. However, the crack team at work decided that "she'll be fine" - or more accurately probably never really thought about it. She had to go out to the store and buy her own disinfectant to at least reduce her chances of dying by a carpet-bourne disease to about 50/50. </p>

<p>Now, most people would just rip out the carpet. I understand if it takes awhile to get it replaced, becasue there was no notice, but why not rip it out now? There's a floor underneath. Plus, shouldn't insurance cover the damage anyway? At a bare minimum, bring somebody in to professionally clean it and kill all of the bacteria that now teems within its mass. But no, let's just leave it there to wallow in its damp stink and hope that if I catch something, I catch it before my insurance starts. Tomorrow begins day three of having to hold my breath any time I walk down the hall. At least she brought in an apple-cinnamon air freshener to make the studio palatable. </p>

<p>Oh, and just to be clear, this post in no way represents the views of Cumulus. </p>
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