I hate UPS

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I hate UPS

Postby Blog » Fri Jan 7, 05 5:17am

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<p>They randomly and without warning demand a signature in person for some packages and do not let you waive that requirement. They also never give you a delivery time. Thus, sometimes you are basically forced to take a day off to get anything delivered. Thus, I had to drive out 20 minutes each way to pick up a package I had "delivered". I hate UPS.</p>

<p>FedEx allows you to sign a waiver, which means that they can leave stuff at a pre-determined location even if it requires signature, because you have waived any right to claim damages. I am willing to take that chance in exchange for actually having things delivered.</p>

<p>I hate UPS. UPS - the delivery company for the unemployed and homebound. </p>

<p>If you're wondering why this anger now, I had to drive to Hope Mills, NC to pick up <a href="http://www.amberkmiller.com/blog/2005_01_01_ambersrambles_archive.html#110506708386871417">Amber's belated Christmas present</a>.</p>

<p>The new site thing may actually be a go by this weekend, as I am making decent progress. It will be a soft launch, with me foolign with it for a week or two, followed by a Grand Re-opening with prizes and such. Fancy, eh?</p>
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Postby Matt » Tue Jan 11, 05 11:24am

Yeah I can't believe how expensive UPS either. It cost me $14 to ship something weighing maybe 2 pounds to Florida, oh and I took them 8 days to get it there. Thanks guys.

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