I am so tired.

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I am so tired.

Postby Blog » Sat May 1, 04 2:54am

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<p>Who would have thought that Las Vegas would have been a town that was hard to find Wifi in? Well, maybe if we looked harder, but Amber only has so much patience to drive up and down the Strip with me in the passenger seat, yelling "Here! Turn Here! ... Wait.... nope, it's gone."</p>

<p>Then, when I drive up to the roof of a parking garage, I get a signal, only to have the laptop's battery die. Good times. So now, I am in the hallway/open walkway in front of my motel room at the Motel 6, about 1,000 feet from a T-Mobile hotspot in a Starbucks. Thankfully, they have some try it free for a day deal, so this is gratis. It is about 85 degrees outside, and I am sweating, but this is apparently only a taste of things to come. Tomorrow morning, Amber, Liz, Ron, Jackie, Jeff and I - along with 60,000 or so other people are converging on Indio, CA for <a href="http://www.coachella.com">Coachella</a>, a two-day music festival. It should be cool. Well, make that ridiculously hot. Like over 100 degrees hot. Both days. Please kill me. </p>

<p>The added bonus is that we bought our tickets and had them mailed so we wouldn't have to wait in line at will call. However, we got a call from Amber's uncle during the week, and he won a pair of tickets from the Coachella website. Cool for us, because now we get some VIP pass thing, a free Playstation 2 game and some other stuff. Except we now have to get in the Will Call line to pick them up. With a gazillion people showing up tomorrow, that should be a walk in the park. </p>

<p>The good news is that the event is sold out for both days, so we should be able to command a premium for our tickets and maybe actually make money for attending the fest. Throw in the $50 Amber made in Vegas, and the $10 I made, and this trip just got a whole lot cheaper. Bad news - longer wait outside until we can get in and begin over-paying for bad food and water. Yes, water is $2 a bottle at the show, and you can't bring your own water in. Hopefully, the absurd heat will cause so many cases of heatstroke that they'll just start giving it away. I plan on drinking a few gallons before I get there, so I'll probably be in the bathroom for all the bands. </p>

<p>Time for sleep. I have to get up soon to get ready for this madness. There are more Vegas pix on the way, along with Coachella pix, maybe by Monday/Tuesday.</p>

<p>P.S. Downtown Las Vegas is so much cooler than the Strip. It's got such a cool retro feel and it's so much easier to walk between casinos. The Strip is so overblown. My other Vegas complaint is that I was jonesing for a Dairy Queen "Blizzard", but was unale to find a single Dairy Queen in the city. Why isn't there one on the Strip? There was a Dairy Queen every ten minutes along I-40 in the middle of nowhere in Texas and Arizona, but nothing in Vegas, where thousands of hot, drunk people with cash walk by every night! Dumb.</p>
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