Hospital Stay

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Hospital Stay

Postby Blog » Thu Apr 8, 04 3:03am

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<p>No, no.. not for me. However, Amber's Dad spent Monday and Tuesday getting to know Crittenton Hospital after getting sidelined by a kidney stone. I'd attempt to explain it, but why bother when <a href="">Amber did a much better job</a>.</p>

<p>So that plus cleaning up Rock's basement is what I've been up to the past few days. Well, that and job seeking. As you can <a href="/audio.php">hear on my audio page</a> I've been preparing for what likely will be a new life somewhere is the continental United States. Beyond that, the details are sketchy... which always helps me sleep well. </p>

<p>The worst part is that all the planning for the "Drive Across America" has taken a backseat for the past few days. I had hoped to ahve at least an outline and a few hotels picked out by this point, but at T-minus 17 days and counting all we've planned out is: </p>

<p>1. Get in the car on April 26th.<br />
2. Drive to hotel in Southern California by Friday.<br />
3. Attend Coachella.<br />
4. Drive home, via San Francisco.</p>

<p>Well, I also got new tires. </p>

<p>Speaking of parents (see top of post), apparently mine (which live in New Jersey) are in Indiana this week. When I offered to drive down and visit them for lunch, they kind of said no, and since then have been avoiding me. Apparently all the "We miss you" stuff has been a load of crap. Good to know for when it's time to pick out a nursing home (Which they're doing for my Grandma. It's actually an assisted living home, but the threat doesn't work as well with "assisted living"). I believe your room is gonna smell like pee, Mom and Dad! Plus, I'll make sure you share a room with the "screamer". You know - the guy who's only remaining memory scares the hell out of him. Good luck getting some sleep there.</p>

<p>I am not a man to be fooled with, O parents! But you can fix this all with some cash. You know where I live.</p>
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