Having a Job Sucks

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Having a Job Sucks

Postby Blog » Thu Jul 1, 04 8:33am

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<p>I mean, besides the whole getting paid thing, what is with having to be somewhere EVERY DAY at a CERTAIN TIME!!! Come on, people! I'm human, not a robot!</p>

<p>It's truly astounding how much stuff you can accomplish in a day when you don't have a job. All of the sudden, if you take away 8-10 hours a day, your ability to accomplish things gets diminished. I need to be unemployed again, but without the possibility of financial ruin. If somebody has a good idea, please pass it along.</p>
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Postby dd » Fri Jul 2, 04 2:53pm

Im a little surprised that you havent commented on the appearance of the cast of "OZ" on "the Jury".
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Postby Chris » Sat Jul 3, 04 11:29am

Well, I saw that it was coming up, but after seeing one episode of "The Jury", I decided to never watch it again - because it was awful. The characters were ridiculous because they had absolutely no depth and were forced to make stunning leaps in a tortured attempt to create drama. Throw in the depressing slide of "Oz" from a compelling drama the first two seasons into HBO's answer to "Queer as Folk", and you can see how I might have avoided it.

In hindsight, I should have checked it out, but I do have this whole job thing.
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