Good Times on the Floor of the Market

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Good Times on the Floor of the Market

Postby Blog » Wed Jun 16, 04 3:18pm

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<p>That's a tag line from one of my ill-fated street bits from DVD, but it is also what is going on here in New Jersey. The youngest of the clan Boylan (Allison), graduates from Watchung Hills Regional High School today, so I am at my parents' house, fixing up their TiVos and rewiring the dish. However, as wonderful as June 16th is, June 15th proved even better. </p>

<p>Yesterday, it was announced that <a href="">Cyberonics</a>' new treatment for untreatable depression was approved by the FDA's neurological committee. What does that mean? That means Chris made almost $3,000 this morning when CYBX was allowed to trade again (trading had been suspended due to the upcoming decision). GOOD TIMES!!! That puts my portfolio up over 55% for the last four months in a flat market. Now I'm only 9 and a half years away from being a millionaire. </p>

<p>Oh, yeah. And the Pistons are Champions of the World. </p>
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