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Do you think Gerard Depardieu is one of the top four actors to appear in the movie "Green Card?"

Total votes : 4

good news

Postby greg » Mon Jan 12, 04 11:58am

Wanted to let Chris know this, but too lazy to call...I just came back from Europe and the greatest moment of my trip - by far, sadly - came in Paris. I was walking around, minding my own business, when I gazed skyward and saw a billboard for a new movie, starring...Gerard Depardieu! He's still alive! I thought he was dead. I am so glad.
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Postby Chris » Mon Jan 12, 04 4:30pm

I think he is one of the top four because I have only heard of Bebe Neuwirth, Andie MacDowell, and John Spencer. If anyone can figure out one more person in this movie, I'll change my vote. listing for Green Card

Good to see you're back. I expect many stories.
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Postby Brendan » Thu Jan 15, 04 1:17pm

-Stephen Pearlman was the Rabbi from "PI"
-Lois Smith was Aunt Meg in "Twister"
-Danny Dennis made several appearances on "Law & Order
-Simon Jones had a small part in both "Brazil" and "12 Monkeys"

Each one gets more and more desperate, but please change your vote. Unless it was a four person ensemble, change your vote.
But at least Pearlman should be enough.
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