Giants Win

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Giants Win

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:40am

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<p>I am a very happy man this week as mine own New York Football Giants were victorious over the hated St. Louis Rams. Not as strong a victory as I had hoped (the offense only picked up one touchdown), but still impressive nonetheless. Next week, they take on the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football in High Definition. The defense was better than expected, and the offense was not as powerful as I had hoped (which led to me losing in both fantasy leagues).</p><p>Alright, so you suffered through some football talk. Well, how about this. Warning: this story is not for children and not particularly new. <a href="">Nevertheless</a>. It comes from <a href=""></a>, a site you should check out occasionally anyway. Check out the last paragraph. There are rumors that there is film of this event. Good times.</p><p>P.S. Anybody have an X-Box? I just found a way to play XBox online without paying anything to Microsoft and need somebody to check it out.</p>
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