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<p>YES!!! I was telling Amber that a Giants win, especially if Tiki got the record and Eli played well would be the difference between a sucky six month offseason and a happy one. I have been pretty positive on this team, as they were decimated by injury (17 players on Injured reserve) and had no good QB option to speak of - Warner was holding the ball too long and ELi just needed time. </p>

<p>Well, time has passed and Eli looks a lot better. 3TDs tonight, along with an o-line that looked good outside of Petitgout's false starts (probably back-injury related). The only problem is that the team appears to have cap trouble again if they drop some underperformers like Shaun Williams and Ike Hilliard. Accorsi is at fault, but he appears to have had his role reduced.</p>

<p>Anyway, great game!</p>

<p>I hope to have the site change up by midweek. The comments thing may come a bit later, but it looks like it just might work. Off to sleep.</p>
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