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Getting closer

Postby Blog » Wed Mar 3, 04 2:01pm

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<p>Every day, I've been putting in a little more into the revamp. You can always check it out at <a href="/index2.php">index2.php</a>. I want it to do a better job of parsing the blogs, (mine, Ron's, etc.) as I'm thinking the front page should be more of a "portal" if I may use a lame buzzword from five years ago. Then, it's back to working on making it look pretty. </p>

<p>In financial news - I recently embarked into the world of options trading. For those of you who don't know what options trading is, you have a lot of company. Basically, they are the right to buy a stock at a pre-determined price by a pre-determined date. In exchange, you pay someone a premium for that right. From this, there is a whole ridiculous world of financial oppurtunity.</p>

<p>As I explained previously, things were looking pretty good. Then all hell broke loose for <a href="">SEPR</a>. I am in a "Calendar Spread". I won't bother to explain it now, but I bought <a href="">.ZQTAE</a> and sold <a href="">.ERQCF</a> . So, take the bid price of .ZQTAE and subtract the ask price of .ERQCF. For every penny over 6.15, I make $3. For every penny below 6.15, I lose $3. Right now, I'm down about $135, but I'll make it back. I have until March 19th to turn it around and I'm still confident. I think.</p>
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