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<p>I cannot possibly express how psyched I am that the football season is starting. I get to see all of the Giants preseason games this year, with NFL network and DirecTV, and I get to see Eli manning slowly but steadily beat out Kurt Warner for the starting job. In addition, I just found out a great new site for stat geeks like myself, <a href="">Football Outsiders</a>. </p>

<p>Amber and I survived Hurricane Charley this weekend, and I am thankful for the bad weather because it gave me ample time to actually figure out how to hack my brandy-new HD TiVo. Oh, yes - the months (actually, years) of waiting are over, and I can finally time-shift High Definition content. For some, this ranks as either confusing or at the very least, extremely boring. For the select few, like myself, it is one of the great accomplishments of the 21st century. </p>

<p>Unfortunately, it took me almost a full week to get the damn thing hacked and on the network. I now can access it via telnet and FTP from my computer, so full hackitude is but a few days away. </p>

<p>In wildly unrelated news, I'm trying to come up with a domain name for the web-hosting thing. I was thinking along the lines of or as they have a little double meaning thing going on. Any suggestions that would be viable solutions? </p>

<p>Please <a href="">check them out</a> to see if they are available first.</p>
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