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Fantasy Football

Postby Blog » Mon Dec 15, 03 3:44am

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<p>I was planning on redesigning the site's colors today, but I got wrapped up in Fantasy Football. More importantly, I got sick and tired of adding up all of the points, so I created this <a href="">Yahoo Fantasy Football Calculator</a>. It currently only works for my Fordham league, but I plan on opening it up to other leagues. It'll just take a little more programming. Thankfully, I finished just in time to figure out I lost and am now out of the playoffs.</p>

<p>Good Times.</p>

<p>In other Boylan related news, my car no longer starts. At first it was suspected to be the battery (once it started after a jump, once it started with no assistance, five times it hasn't started), so I brought it to the dealer, where they told me nothing was wrong. Then I drove it home. It hasn't worked since. I tried jumping it again, but it didn't help. Thankfullly, the warranty - which runs out at 36,000 miles - still applies as I am at 35,275 miles. It currently sits in the parking lot of my apartment building, awaiting for my call to the Nissan dealership so I can scream at them and yell until they offer to tow it back for free.</p>

<p>TV Stuff - Survivor was a letdown. The only good news is that Rupert (the hairy dude) will be on Survivor All-Stars, which wrapped up shooting some time in the last week. The premiere of the new season will be after the Super Bowl (winner: New England Patriots over the Eagles), and it will include Richard Hatch, the first season winner as well as other favorites. Want to know more and have your head filled with endless specualtion? Then try <a href="">Reality TV World</a>.<br />
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Postby Chris » Mon Dec 15, 03 3:45am

I am very hungry right now, but I suspect eating something at this point of the night will not do me any good. So, I will sleep the uncomfortable sleep of the malnourished.
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