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Eddie Izzard

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:41am

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<p>Sorry to inform you, but it appears that Eddie Izzard's "Dress to Kill" was lightning-in-a-bottle. This weekend, I saw "Sexie" at the Music Hall in Detroit, Eddie's recent stand-up/monologue/performance, and it was - okay. It was maybe even good, but nevertheless a letdown since I was expecting something along the lines of "Dress to Kill".</p><p>For those of you who have never seen it, go out and rent or buy "Dress to Kill" as soon as possible. The Emmy Award winning performance was outstanding as Izzard took viewers on a long and convoluted ride through history, transvestism (is that a word?), French (the language), and other stuff that was merely odd. Throughout all of it, however, it seemed as if he was always driving to his central point of the difference between America and the R.O.W. (Rest of World). In "Sexie" there was no such central force.</p><p>There were funny parts, and I laughed heartily - but I never felt that "wow" that I got from Izzard at the end of "Dress". It was kind of the same thing I got from "Circle". Funny, but not amazing. Which makes you wonder if "Dress to Kill" was magical happenstance not to be reproduced and "Sexie" and "Circle" are more along the lines of what is to be expected. A good time? Yes. A disappointment? That as well.</p><p>P.S. I hate Jim Fassell and I hate the New York Giants.</p>
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