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cpanel mail / webmail

Postby rjsmerigan » Fri Apr 22, 05 7:35pm

i was playing around with the mail forwarder and i can get my mail to forward to my gmail account but i can not find the setting that lets me keep a copy of the forwarded message in the horde inbox. can you help?
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Postby Chris » Sat Apr 23, 05 8:42am

Well, there is no one right way to do anything like this (in fact there's probably 20 ways to do it).

The simplest way is to just put a forwarder on your main email account. If there is an account and forwarder at the same address, it will copy the email along AND deliver it to that address.

A second, more complicated way if my understanding of forwarders is mistaken and it only forwards but does not deliver (but should NOT be the case). Have all unrouted mail forwarded to Create two mail forwarders for One goes to your gmail account, the one goes to Then, all email will be copied to the Gmail and email addresses.

When you want to use horde, login to The only possible problem is that email sent directly to will not be forwarded to Gmail. Oh well.

If you figure out something better or easier, please post it here.

You can also check out for all the info on CPanel you can shake a stick at, but it's pretty techy.
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