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Car Wash

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:39am

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<p>Well, it happened. This Sunday afternoon - on opposite corners - two high school bikini car washes set up shop, each trying to lure the sexually frustrated out of their homes for a little automobile cleansing (not a sick metaphor). One is disturbing enough... but two is just a sign of the impending Apocalypse. </p>

<p>Undaunted, and being the young capitalists they are, they soon realized that they would have to fight for customers - they only way they could. The result was lines of scantily clad cheerleaders (all criminally underage) causing traffic slowdowns and near-accidents. They had posters held high above their heads (as if the line of 12 well-tanned girls wan't enough of an attention getter) as they yelled for passersby to pull into the station.</p>

<p>Again, all of this is wrong. Horribly wrong. And yet....</p>
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