Butter Fight

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Butter Fight

Postby Blog » Sun Jul 11, 04 10:04pm

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<p>Amber and I are yet closer to actually making our apartment livable. In the mean time, I have this job thing. Sometimes, I even produce something that I can share with others as proof that I am actually working. Now is one of those times.</p>

<p><strong><a href="/media/butter.mp3">Butter Fight</a></strong></p>

<p>A bold combination of strong writing and bad acting re-enacts this news story. A brother, living with his sister, loans the butter to the neighbors. The sister, a Tennesee State Cop, asks him for the butter at dinner. He doesn't have it. Apparently, this is the last straw - and she asks him to move out. A fight ensues and a gun goes off, striking the brother. I took some liberties with the event, but am proud of the dialogue. The dialogue/accent however.....</p>
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Kids in the Hall...in Fayetteville?

Postby greg » Mon Jul 12, 04 8:15pm

Pretty funny...your voice reminded me of Bruce McCulloch
"It's part of a larger pattern."
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Postby spolito » Wed Jul 14, 04 4:54pm

I'd say something about how I like this, but after my last response to his work, it's obvious Chris has a problem taking compliments. So instead I'll say this: "Crap. Crap! Crap! Crap! poop!" So there.

Postby Chris » Wed Jul 14, 04 9:16pm

And Deirdre, my sister, found no joy in either of these. (Butter Fight or the Fireworks Spots). Well, screw you DD! Thankfully, that's what radio is all about. If I can find just one out of ten people here in Fayetteville that find my humorousity listenable, I will be King of the All-American City. The other 9 can hate me, but with a 10 share (10%) of the audience, we would be in the top three.

The good news is that I have another goodie just a day or two away for you all. Or y'all. The Redneck Olympics is the bit and it is some play-by-play of the title event, which is actually taking place.

In other good news, I'll be making my first appearance this Friday at some car dealership. Why good news? Because money will be exchanging hands for me to sit there for two hours and make a few on-air call-ins. Good Times!
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