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Busy, Busy

Postby Blog » Thu Dec 11, 03 3:41am

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<p>Been doing some other web stuff for my employer, The Rocky Allen Show. Right now, if you go over to our web site, <a href="http://www.rockyallen.com">www.RockyAllen.com</a>, and go to our <a href="http://www.rockyallen.com/audio.html">Audio</a> page, you'll find more clips than you can shake a stick at. There are about 65 audio clips of varying length. If you have a few hours you want to kill, check them all out. If not, then just check out a few to see what I'm doing with my time. </p>

<p>In addition, I've adjusted the layout of the site, so now there should be a black bar at the bottom of every page. This footer should also have a contact link and a copyright. Please Comment or <a href="/contact.php">email me</a> and tell me what you see.</p>
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