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Busy, busy.

Postby Blog » Wed Aug 4, 04 12:09am

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<p>In one Kurt Vonnegut novel, any time there was a coincidence, the main character would always repeat, "Busy, busy" as if the gods were hard at work connecting things throughout the cosmos. This has nothing to do with anything.</p>

<p>I am trying my damndest to post here at least twice a week, but the gods have been conspiring against me, loading me up with pneumonia and the like. Then, today, I actually thought I'd get some time to post some wild and wackiness, and then Amber's car takes a dump. <a href="http://www.amberkmiller.com/blog/2004_08_01_ambersrambles_archive.html#109158280463650033">Well, not literally</a>. After spending most of the evening driving around Fayetteville shopping for a new car, I am left lacking time for much humorousity.</p>

<p>So I give you audio.</p>

<p><a href="/media/WhenVendingMachinesAttack.mp3">When Vending Machines Attack</a></p>

<p>A kid pulled a Snapple machine over on himself at school, and decided that he needs to sue the City of New York for $5 million for not warning him that he's a dumbass.</p>

<p>In other fun news, my HDTiVo is arriving tomorrow -----</p>

<p>Oh, no it isn't. The fine folks at Value Electronics decided to ship it to my old Michigan address, because I only told them of my new address 8 times. Understandable. Maybe Friday I am now told. Maybe by then, I'll have successfully fought off State Farm's attempt to triple my car insurance rates.</p>

<p>Yes, you read correctly. </p>


<p>"Remember that quote we gave you for $480 over six months? Well, I didn't carry a one. It's more like $1580. We'll bill you for the difference."</p>

<p>No, what you will do is rip that money out of my cold, dead hands!</p>

<p>I gave them until lunch tomorrow to beat a Geico quote of $775. We'll see if they come through.</p>
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