Beer, etc.

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How often do you base your consumer decisions on an ad campaign's ability to make you laugh out loud?

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Beer, etc.

Postby greg » Sun Apr 4, 04 8:19pm

Just a few thoughts for your consumption: First, I want to publicly announce that I am switching from Bud to Miller (in the cheap beer category), solely because of their ad campaign. I just saw a commercial today where Miller declared that it is running for "President of Beers." Apparently, they feel Bud is wrong for calling itself "King of Beers" in a democracy. That's pretty good.
Also, did anyone see the news story about a brawl that broke out at a high school assembly for (I am not making this up) anger management?! Also pretty good.
-Reminds me of the time a local Albany principal was arrested for DWI on his way home from an assembly in his honor recognizing his achievements in the DARE program.
Finally, NewsRadio was to arrive via DVD in February, but it never came. Do you know why? Apparently, it was a bare-bones set, and the creator found out and offered some of his own footage. The distributor agreed, and that is why it is on hold. Also, Freaks and Geeks comes out Tuesday. If you are really obsessed, visit their website (, where you can order a special edition.
Why am I posting all of this? It saves me the cost of a phone call to Detroit.
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Postby Chris » Mon Apr 5, 04 12:30pm

...And those are Greg's quick hits.

As for DVDs, I find that even if I own a show that I love, I am not that likely to watch it if I have it on DVD. With a TiVo, there is always something good to watch, so I'm rarely entertainment-desperate. The only time that show DVDs come in real handy is when you're sick or can't sleep. Otherwise, I'd rather be doing something else.

The other exception to that statement is when you are trying to indoctrinate someone else in the glories of your favorite show. Then you need the DVDs so they can begin watching before you lose your mind-grip.
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Postby Brendan » Mon Apr 5, 04 9:21pm

I don't know, "President" Bush's ads make me laugh my ass off, but I don't think I'm gonna vote for him.

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