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<p>I can't believe I've actually been watching baseball these playoffs. I'm sure that it has had much to do with watching the hard-luck Cubs in their quest to fight off history. Apparently the rest of the country feels much the same as baseball ratings are way up.</p><p>Tonight the Yanks take on the BoSox in game 7, which I will have to watch delayed on TiVo as I am attending a concert. Concert week here in D-Troit. Tonight it's the Strokes at the State Theater. Saturday is the even more anticipated Eddie Izzard at the Music Hall.</p><p>As a result, I'll have to hold off my new photo gallery until early next week ish. I know you all can't wait, but this will allow me to upload photos directly to the page with comments. The Program will auto-thumbnail them and everything. Long live PHP. If only I could get this CSS thing worked out so all pages displayed properly.</p>
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