Back In the Fattest City in America

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Back In the Fattest City in America

Postby Blog » Sat Jan 3, 04 5:28am

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<p>In case you haven't heard, Detroit has added another fine honor to its already overflowing basket of awards: Fattest City in America. In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, unlike our fine friends at Fox News - or any other form of mass media for that matter - I will provide some context. Namely that this award has nothing to do with the obesity of its residents. Rather it is simply awarded to the city with the worst air quality, most fast food stops, longest commute, etc. So basically it means nothing.</p>

<p>In that spirit of worthlessness, I have gained back about 7 pounds over the Holidays (post-Thanksgiving) and must embark on a re-entry into the wonderful world of Atkins to get my ass back on track. For those of you who don't know, I lost about 25 pounds on Atkins in the spring and kept it off until I succumbed to the sweet siren's song of carbs this past month. The good news is that with induction (the first, stricter phase of Atkins) I should be able to polish that off within a month or two. I'll update sporadically, as I am prone to do. </p>

<p>In addition, as we celebrate the new year - I am filled with an ambitious list of tasks for the next few weeks. I have begun scanning pictures for addition to the gallery. At this point, there's at least a hundred waiting to go up with more witty comments. Some are old from my old condo, but many are from my recent New York and Chicago trips. Hopefully, if my lovely girlfriend doesn't drag me somewhere tomorrow evening, I'll be able to do a bunch during the first round of the NFL playoffs. Normally, I wouldn't dare do something while the sacred games are taking place, but since the Giants sucked so badly this year, my heart has not been in it as much. The only good news recently was that Jim Fassel may be hired as the next Redskins coach, which would be of great help to the Giants as they get to play the Redskins twice a year.</p>
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Direct TV

Postby dd » Tue Jan 6, 04 3:07am


Direct Tv will be here tomorrow. Amen. Thank you. Thanks for going through all the trouble of getting us this fine piece of machinery. I'm sheading tears of joy.
:D :wink:
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