Arrested Development RENEWED!!!

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Arrested Development RENEWED!!!

Postby Blog » Tue May 18, 04 1:25pm

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<p>In the best news of the TV season, is reporting that Arrested Development will be renewed by FOX. Unfortunately, Variety is a subscription-based service and I can only read the headlines. I suspect this is not an official report, but rather info they have gotten from insiders. Thus, it may not be cast in stone, but I doubt they would throw it up as a headline unless they were pretty sure.</p>

<p>Still, welcome news in AD's future, which has been described as "on the bubble" in every article printed in the last few months. I have hope for Arrested Development, one of the funniest new shows in the past few years. It screams "needs some time to find its audience" and I hope FOX gives it room to breathe. Much along the same path of shows like Seinfeld, it sticks out like a sore thumb in the current schedule, but given time - people will find it. I mean, what's another mildly underperforming show on FOX? They can float a weak link for a year. If it doesn't improve, well then you gave it a shot. If it does, it will have done better than you could have expected from any new show you would have put in its slot.</p>
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Made my day!

Postby Guest » Wed May 19, 04 9:36am

Sweet! Thanks for the entertainment news, Chris...I look forward to Fox coming to is senses (hopefully) and feeding their viewers quality television. What a concept.


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