A Wistful Rememberance

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A Wistful Rememberance

Postby Blog » Wed Feb 18, 04 7:42am

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<p>For reasons I shall not go into, in addition to the whole server thing / helping out <a href="http://www.motorcityrocks.com">MotorCityRocks.com</a> with web design, etc / learning how to get rich by trading stock options - I have been listening to old DATs of <em>The Rocky Allen Show</em>, including days in which I appeared often. I say "appeared" because I lack the word necessary to describe the audio version of "appear". </p>

<p>It turns out that when you cut down a few days worth of utterances to a short minute or two, it can be made to sound as if I am actually funny. This comes as a shocking surprise to me, because one would think that "radio funny" would not equal "often unemployed", and yet... here we are. </p>

<p>To those that are hanging on my every utterance and have wondered whether or not I have been hit by any interesting epiphinanies over the past week - rest assured. I have about a half-dozen things I want to sit down and write, but I lack the time to do them properly. <a href="http://www.chrisboylan.com/blog/archives/000231.php">Sound familiar?</a> Now that the previous hectic week of preparing for our ESPN Radio show is over, at least a few of them should get done. Until then, simply revel in the knowledge that <em>Gilmore Girls</em> is now available in High Defintion in the broadcast area of Detroit. Next week looks like it should be good. Tuesdays at 8PM on the WB.</p>
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Postby dd » Wed Feb 18, 04 7:43am

I completely forgot about that yesterday. Was Gilmore Girls a new one?
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Postby Chris » Wed Feb 18, 04 9:54am

Yup. It's been new the past couple of weeks and next week will be new as well.
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