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Oh sweet Lord, I cannot possibly get enough news about the bomb "hoax" that threatened Boston on the day that will never be forgotten - 1-31-07.

For more info - visit Aqua Central

Basically, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is one of my favorite TV shows.  To explain it is almost impossible other than to say it is a surreal animated comedy about a box of French Fries, a milkshake, a was of meat and a hairy guy named Carl that takes place in New Jersey.  It is so bizarre asto be beyond explanation, yet the characters are extremely well-formed.  Frylock (the fries) is the parental figure, Meatwad (obvious) is the child with a fantasy world, Master Shake (the shake) is the belligerent teen, and Carl is the next door neighbor / loser who hates them all and loves the New York Giants (go G-Men).

My brother introduced it to me through the DVDs and I can't stop watching it.  It has a TiVo season pass and is my most anticipated movie since Borat.  See, the movie comes out in March - so to promote it, Adult Swim - the late night arm of the Cartoon Network and single handed savior of animated comedy (see Family Guy and Futurama - which it brought back both from the dead) put Lite Bright LED boards in major cities featuring the Mooninites (pronounced Moon - in - nights) brightly displayed giving the finger (their specialty).

The Mooninites hate, well, everything and spend most of their time trying to destroy/steal everything in sight.  As they leave, they often give the finger.  They are the highlight of any episode they appear in, along with Spacecataz - their pseudo-German brethren (I told you this makes no sense). 

Of course, the city of Boston spent $1 million in overtime and sent the city into a panic disarming these "bombs", which were nothing more than some LEDs and a few D-cell batteries on a black board.  Then, they threatened to take away Adult Swim's FCC license - which A) its a cable station, so it doesnt need one and B) they are a city and state, and the FCC is a federal board - they have no jurisdiction. 

To top it off, the city is threatening them with legal action and criminal charges for planning a bomb "hoax" - despite the fact the people who put up the signs never once attempted to pass it off as a bomb.  In fact, it probably never even crossed their minds.  

Oh wait, there's more -  check out this video of their press conference after being released on bail.  Remember these two are the terrorist masterminds.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters was created for a budget of $750,000 and probably only expected to gross about $10 million.  Now, this publicity has made the sky the limit for this movie.  The people who were angered by these events are all people who would have never seen this movie if it was played in their living rooms.  Instead, this has just confirmed to every member of their target audience that the mainstream press is a bunch of idiots and this has now become a must-see movie.  Seriously - has any event better shown the divide between people under 30 who view everything ironically and the rest of the world.  And they wonder why we turn to the internet for our news and information.  Its not because of the mainstream media's liberal bias (which is non-existent) - but rather because they are stupid and have their heads up their asses.