So, I finally got around to fixing my site so I could again make entries (over the last few months, the Joomla backend had been messed up and I never bothered to fix it, so when I wanted to make a new entry, I had to manually insert it in the database via PHPMyAdmin.  I am so lazy.)

Anyway, this evening I was having yet another fun day with my HDTiVo.  Apparently, the latest versions of HDTiVo software, 6.3, 6.3a, and 6.3b had some really nasty problems.  They expand the HDTiVo's functionality a great deal over the previous 3.1.5 software version, so I upgraded - only to find it rebooting about once every two hours, which is awesome when it's main job is to record things.  I've caught up on the shows that were screwed up through BitTorrent, but I needed to return the software to 3.1.5 so it would stop rebooting.  That took most of the day for various reasons even more boring than this story so far.  But it did result in me going out to pick up a Frosty from Wendy's - which is the point of the story.

I have never tasted a Vanilla Frosty, so I decided that I would give it a try.  I have been watching what I eat and working out a lot, so this was a big risk considering that I only let myself have one dessert like this a week (Carbs and sugar = Bad, Protein = Good).  I was apprehensive pulling up to the drive through as I wasn't even sure if Wendy's has vanilla Frostys anymore.

As I am reading the backlit menu/sign, the lady asks for my order.  Of course, they ask for your order as you are seeing the menu for the first time - so I asked for a second (there was no one behind me.)  I ask, "Are there still Vanilla Frostys?"


Well, I'll take one regular Frosty (for Amber) and one vanilla Frosty with Oreo pieces.  ( I had never ordered this before, so I hoped I wasn't breaking some sort of protocol.  I was.)

Do you want a Fix n' Mix?  Or a Vanilla Frosty?  (A Fix n' Mix is hidden in an obscure corner of the menu and is a frosty with Oreo pieces).

I would like Oreo Pieces in a Vanilla Frosty.  Is that possible?

Well, a Fix n' Mix comes with Oreos.  

Alright, then I'll have one of those - medium please.

They only come in small.

Can I get a medium Vanilla Frosty and you put Oreos in it, but we don't call it a Fix n' Mix?  I mean, you can call it whatever you want.

Well, yeah - but I'll have to charge you extra.

Ok.  No problem.  (My brain wonders if "extra" means $20) How much is extra?

(This is where the trip became worth all the while.)

Well, I don't know.  I can't be sure.  You know.  It depends.  Sales Tax and all that...

No probl...

You know, with taxes going up and the new minimum wage and all that, I can't say. 


Minimum wage?  Do you have to pay the Oreos minimum wage?  And the minimum wage bill has only passed the House, its not even law yet.  

Are the prices of all other items fixed, but the tiny bag of two crushed Oreos is subject to the whims of market forces? I mean it's understandable that Oreos will now cost $22/lb. due to rising labor costs and the white cream stuff shortage in Mozambique. 

And how did this person, who was unable to grasp the concept of "Vanilla Frosty + Oreo = Chris stops talking to you" (which is the goal of every person in the service industry I come in contact with), know that a minimum wage bill has passed the House?  And then I remembered - there is a whole section of zombies that walk among us who have no ability to reason on their own, but are told their political views by Rush Limbaugh and his minions.  I'm sure she was listening to her AM radio, nodding her head in agreement as Rush told her that the minimum wage increase would destroy America and cause the prices for everything to go up.

She then extrapolated that since prices were going up, a bag of two Oreos could be $100 by the end of the day - so until she pressed that button, who knows what price the magical machine she uses will come up with.  It's 4PM, and the minimum wage has been stagnant for a decade, so I think the price for a 2 oz. bag of Oreos is...  2 cows, a donkey, and the unfiltered blood of a true believer.  Of course, since Rush never told her that even if prices go up 5%, which would be a very high number - her paycheck would increase 40%.  So, she'll be able to pull that off.  But please, no logic - it hurts my head thinker.

P.S.   It was 50 cents extra.