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If you are returning to this site after a long absence, you may be confused by the new look.  If you are merely arriving for the first time, you may be confused because this site is pointless and confusing.

Either way, I've spent a bit of the last week overhauling  Normally, I'd do the work in secret, and only reveal it when it was done, but I decided against this because I wouldn't be able to prove I was actually doing anything.  On top of that, the half-finished, haphazard nature of the site that is seen by the public embarrasses me - which is a great motivator. 

In the meantime, you can check out a few things that have long been neglected - but now are implemented.  For instance, for the first time in two years the infamous Chris Boylan Forum has returned. If you enjoy reading posts from over two years ago, check it out. Also, hidden in the blog section are posts from my first blog - I've imported the over 100 posts into Joomla, returning a huge chunk of old content to the web.

So, still on the todo list:

So, back to the salt mines. 

P.S. Note on the forums: if you had an old account from before, you'll have to reset your password when you login.  If you don't have the email address anymore or have other problems, just contact me.