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Been real busy with the project, still a few days from launch.  Last minute bugs and all that.  Still had enough time to catch Wednesday's episode of South Park - Cartoon Wars - Part II. After watching Comedy Central censor an image of Mohammed after an hour of plot highlighting the reasons why doing so is a horrible idea - I went to - the official site. And I read through the humorous FAQ and saw this:

On the right is Mohammed uncensored. In Season 5.

Yup.  That's Mohammed.  On South Park.  On Comedy Central. Season 5 , Episode 4.

Remember the Super Best Friends?  The Superheroes from every religion?  Well, Mohammed was one of them and the episode aired without any censorship.  And it was hilarious.  (David Blaine started a new religion and got the Lincoln Statue from the Lincoln Memorial to come alive and destroy things.  So the Super Best Friends stopped him by making a John Wilkes Booth statue.  Awesome.)

I can't believe I'm agreeing with scads of conservative bloggers - but it was ridiculous to pull images of Mohammed, yet leave a scene of Jesus taking a dump on President Bush and the American flag.  Just because people halfway around the world are nuts doesn't mean we have to put our heads in the sand.