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When today started, I found out I owe about $7K more in taxes than I originally thought.  That's a bad way to start a day.

When today ended, I caught up with a few friends I hadn't seen in quite awhile, may have found a solution to my living in NJ problem, and got to see the Mike Doughty (check out the album linked on his name - I find it a great repeat listen, probably one of the most-listened to albums I have in the past year or so) concert I had been trying to convice people to go to with me for weeks.  That's a good way to end the day.

Added Bonus: I walked crosstown to see the concert, which had already started, in hopes I could catch just a bit of it.  Instead, I got there just a minute after Doughty went onstage, and as I was buying a $25 ticket, a woman behind me asked if I wanted her extra one -- for free.  Good effin' times.

In conclusion: re-establishing old friendships, seeing concert I thought I would miss, and doing so for free -- all good, but made even sweeter by the double bonus:

htioki.jpgWhile at the concert, I was standing in the back because I had arrived late.  Since I was right by the entrance/exit, I was privy to the great showdown that occurred right in front of the doors - a CRAZY white chick with brunette hair was flipping out on a confused Asian guy, repeating something about her "place". 

After she full-on slapped him in the face and he grabbed her hand to stop her (I thought I might have to step in and break this up - I mean I've been working out for some reason, right?), some shoving occurred.  I looked again, as they were now in the light and noticed he had a stunning resemblance to none other than 21 Jump Street's Dustin Nguyen. Awesome.

Free concert tickets, about 3 miles of walking, a pseudo "21 Jump Street" sighting, and the joy of Mike Doughty.  It's about time I started my life again and moved into the city.  What am I waiting for? You know, other than the $7K I just lost that I need for a place to live.  Maybe the Emperor's Club is looking for a mildly overweight, pasty white male - I'm seven diamond material.