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Yup.  That's it.

So, the forum is gone - thanks to Turkish hackers.  It will return - all the posts and data were saved, but the forum itself was still vulnerable so it had to be removed.  Thus, comments don't work either.  So, I'm going to install an external forum.  That should fix it.

However, that will come after I install a Gallery for the 500 or so photos I took while I was in Ireland and the UK.  It was about three weeks of driving on the wrong side of the road and walking a ton.  Thankfully, the Ring of Kerry is my kryptonite - my allergies were so bad that I could only eat to stop sneezing.  I gained 10 pounds.  

Preppermint is still going strong.  It takes up most of my time.  I have a blog over there - its really only for Preppermint related stuff, but to explain my extended Irish absence I did post photos and a description of my experience with Airport Security the day of the London terror arrests.  Apparently "no liquids on board" means "you'll be four hours late".  You can read more at Preppermint