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Not so fast Chris.

Yes, your lovable web host has lost his job as the afternoon jock for  In a format change, I was laid off.  Now, I know you are now worried for me.  Don't.  Well if you were actually worried for me you don't have to be.

Because I didn't quit - and I have gotten very close to doing so almost every day over the last 18 months since I first was fired by Cumulus - I got my severance and I will be allowed to collect unemployment.  So, I basically just got a six-month paid vacation from a job I hated.

Now, it won't actually be a vacation because I have been working on a side project on weekends for the past few months.  Now I will be able to devote my full time and attention to it so we can have a full launch soon.  So I may actually be busier than before.  And I will be happier than before. 

Good times, Great oldies!

You might want to check Google Maps for Fayetteville, NC.  You may be able to see my smile from space.