Chris made the horrific mistake of giving me passwords and access to his site. For those that don't know me, I'm Deirdre, one of Chris' sisters.

I can say that I have actually talked to Chris on the phone since his last post. So I'm pretty sure he made it back from the beach. Also, Amber has made several posts to her site.

Just wanted to say hi. And give you something to read while you attempt to make your life a little less boring. As a teacher I have the summer off so I read a lot of websites to fill the void that summer brings after spending 9 months with 350 14-18 year old girls.

One thing to make your life a little less boring....

It's been getting a lot of press recentley since the All-American Rejects released their latest single "Dirty Little Secret" The song features many postcards from the Postsecret site.

Have you ever had a secret that you've never told anyone, but wanted to? Here's your chance. Postsecret is an art project started by a dude in Maryland. You too can contribute. Just put your secret on a 4x6 card, make it creative and mail it to the address that is given. The website gives more information on what to do and where to send it. Poke around, it's worth at least 5 minutes.

There is some insane stuff on there. Like:
Post Secret -All Day poop secret Post Secret - Outlaw

Now if that hasn't gotten your attention to go check it out, then you are a hipster and you should poke your eyes out while listening to Bloc Party and dreaming of moving to Willamsburg.

Stupid hipsters.