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Late as usual, but I am heading off for Bonnaroo and three weeks of a road trip. I'll be posting hundreds of photos here and blog posts when I get to Tulsa (mid-next week), but until then, you'll have to settle for Twitter updates.

You can see my latest Tweets on the right column at the top. If you're getting here as I'm leaving, you'll probably see old tweets from last year when I was at Lollapalooza.

Anyway, I really have to get going if I'm going to see Danny buy viagra online pharmacy buy amoxicillin phentermine tonight in Roanoke. Then, its on to Bonnaroo and my feeble attempt to connect up with the guys from Michigan. Our RV fell through, so we're trying to go in together. From all reports, the traffic will be epic - so I'm not optimistic. However, we do plan on arriving early - I'm getting there tonight around 1 AM and they're arriving tomorrow morning around 6 AM. The festival grounds open at 7 AM-ish and the first show is in the afternoon. There's not much on Thursday for shows - but I do want to check out The Low Anthem at least.

Feel free to comment in the forums on this post. Just ignore the spam - I'll delete it later. I tried to install a spam blocking mod to the forum, but it flat-out wont work. Maybe I'll fix it next week. Time to hit the road.