Actually the game was played in '91, but it was part of the 1990 season.  The Giants started off the season 10-0, but then finished 13-3, including a loss to the 49ers.  Phil Simms was lost for the season due to a foot injury, so Jeff Hostetler stepped in.  This team was nowhere near as dominant as the 1986 team, but it sure had luck on its side.

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In this clip, the 49ers have the ball, up 13-12. Roger Craig just rushed for a 1st down, and if they get one or two more, they're going to the Super Bowl.

Oh, there's more...

Now, with the ball, the Giants need to drive down the field and kick a field goal. Thankfully, thats all they did all day as Matt Bahr had scored all of the teams 12 points.

Note the presence of LT on the kicking team. A Hall of Fame LB out there to block on a field goal attempt? Also, Hoss held the kick - which used to be the job of backup QBs before punters took it over.

Finally, remember how Hostetler was playing with a concussion. He got knocked out (the Giants knocked out Montana to even it up - although Montana's backup was HOFer Steve Young and Hoss was already the backup - so his backup was as SI described it, "the catatonic Matt Cavanaugh"), but came back in to play. What a great game and a great season.