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Team America

i can't stress enough how excited i am for this movie.

Parker and Stone: 'Team America' Is Not Anti-Bush

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have ridiculed suggestions their forthcoming film Team America: World Police was designed to persuade voters against re-electing US President George W. Bush in next month's election. The $32 million puppet movie mocks celebrities including Michael Moore, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, and anti-war actors Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, ...
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How insane is this? ... florida_12

I think they've been without power for a combined total of a month. Good thing Grandma moved up here. Then again, the farmer's almanac says its gunna be a bitch this winter. Im cool with it seeing as I get snow days when there's a half an inch of snow. Amen for building a school on the side of a mountain.
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Its about time

Who didn't see this one comming?

I'm just surprised it took this long. The minute he was hanging out with Michael Jackson you knew this wasn't going to be a pretty story. More like a weird one for the biography channel.
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Impressive article...

Talk about planning ahead, this guy thought of his plan 6 months ago. Looks like its paying off...
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Larry David figures out "undecided voters"

This appeared as an NYT editorial by Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chris and others on this board seem to be big fans of him and his humor, so I figured I'd share it. Quite funny.

Are You Undecided? Or Not?

September 16, 2004

Los Angeles - I'd like to address this to the Undecideds: I'm on to you. You may be fooling everyone else with your little "undecided" act, but ...
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Hello Rocky!

I leave the school and all this good stuff flocks to it. It reminded me of all the times "Carol" would be on the show in NYC.
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I'm The Second Member ever on this site! How Cool

Hi Im teh Irish dude called Chris Boylan and I'm pretty sure i'm related to you although i base this on a conversation i had with my grandmother although i was drunk and im pretty sure she was too!!!

Anyway have you guys saw the final two episodes of the office they were on here at christmas i saw them again last night. they just tie up all the loose ends at the end of ...
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Our Sister

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