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46 days til Christmas

While Allison and I both enjoy the new Christmas themed name tag on the home page. Allison feels that it's never too soon for Christmas. I feel as though its a little on the early side even though I listen to the "elf" soundtrack on the way to and from work.

Your thoughts fellow board dorks?
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SNL Reality Show?!?

Dr. Evil as the Trumpster? Does it get any better? I submit that it cannot!
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Turd Sandwhich ... ction=news

I think if we all move together, we can get a group rate on the moving van.

this makes dd a saaaaaaad panda. :cry:
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Do You Know What's Fun and Irresponsible?


Andrew Sullivan


Early returns showing quite a decisive Kerry victory. It's early, but I'm damn hopeful.

Now, onto the Senate. Looking for good news in Kentucky and here in North Carolina with Mongiardo and Bowles respectively.

The future of the country could be in balance with Rehnquist apparently visiting croaksville and other justices thining of calling it quits.
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60 Minutes

The TiVo was acting up. For some reason it recorded 60 minutes, from 7-7:30, eventhough the show went from 7-8. Nothing else was being recorded, but it decided just to stop. So I missed the whole SNL thing. Fill me in if you can.
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Okay, WHO SAW SNL????

How hilarious was the Ashlee Simpson second song? For some reason she or the drummer got lost in what was going on, and the pre-recorded vocals started, showing that she was obviously going to lip-sync, probably after hearing how awful she is live it was a good idea.

When the vocals started with out her, she apparently tried to start the song again, but now everything was off-kilter. So, she walked off stage and the ...
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BBC America - "The Office" Special

"The Office" returns! The spectactular British mock documentary/sitcom returns for a one night stand on BBC America tonight at 9PM. If you cannot watch, TiVo it.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a search for "the office" above. If you find awkward situations and people who misguidedly think themselves funny to be hilarious, tune in. Well, actually, record tonights show, then watch season 1 and 2 (a total of 12 episodes). Then ...
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A Picture From Deirdre

My question is: Is that his actual crack? Or just ass colored pants? Either way, the pants were the second worst decision of his day.
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I just don't even know where to begin. Home run by Parker & Stone.

Box office Estimates put it at # 3 for the weekend behind Shark Tale & Friday Night Lights

Even at # 3 it has already taken in almost half of what it cost to make the film.

I know Chris and I already talked about most of this, but in case anyone wanted to jump in on the conversation.... ...
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Jon Stewart on Crossfire

It gets uncomfortable at times, b/c Stewart openly calls Begala and Carlson partisan hacks and that there show is hurting America, but damn is it worth it.

plus, this exchange made me crack up (transcribed from memory):
Stewart: How old are you?
Carlson: 35
Stewart: And you wear a bowtie?

I don't think he'll be on that show ever again. I just wish he was there with Novak, or at least said something about ...
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